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Do you have questions about La Vista's sales process? Interested in buying a timeshare or expanding your ownership? Here are some FAQs, but feel free to reach out to our Sales Manager, Alyssa Bartlett, at vacation@lavistaresort.com for personalized assistance.


Can I sell my timeshare?
The short answer is yes! Depending on what you own, you can sell with Alyssa through our sales office. While the resort does have an active resales list for winter weeks, the resort still has its own inventory for the spring-summer-fall (SSF) season. Special exceptions are made for listings during the spring-summer-fall season if the resort itself is sold out of the week/unit combo you are looking to sell, so if you want to sell through the sales office but aren't sure if you can, just e-mail Alyssa at vacation@lavistaresort.com to be sure!

In order to list your week for resale you must be current with any and all fees and sign our resale listing agreement. Alyssa will provide you with the form once you let her know you'd like to sell. Once you have the form, please read through all of the terms as listed and let Alyssa know if you have any questions about anything. Once you have read through and agree to the terms, please fill the form out, sign it, and send it back to Alyssa. You can either scan or take photos of the signed document(s) and e-mail them to Alyssa — whatever is easier for you! If you prefer to send them via air mail just let Alyssa know! Once your week is listed through the resort it will remain listed until it is sold, or until you request that it be removed from the listing.

If you'd like to sell on your own, that's no problem either! Some advice Alyssa has for selling your ownership would be to check with those around you first — friends, family, co-workers, members of your community, etc. Lots of our owners have successfully sold their ownership to someone they know! You can post ads on social media sites, or advertise in your local paper. Once you find a buyer for your week(s), simply contact the ladies at the front desk and request our ownership transfer document. Please note that there is an ownership transfer fee of $475 per contract that you wish to transfer. Once payment has been made and the signed document(s) have been received, the new owners will take over ownership and you're all set to walk away!

Can I give away or give up my timeshare?
- Yes, you can relinquish your ownership back to the resort at any point during your ownership with us. Unlike other resorts, we don't charge a hefty fee for relinquishing your ownership back to the resort. All we ask is that you are current with any and all billed invoices. Please note that if you have already been billed for maintenance fees prior to asking for a relinquishment form, you will be responsible for those fees. You will also, of course, have the occupancy for that year as well.

- If you want to give your timeshare away to friends or family, you can do this by requesting an ownership transfer form and paying our $475 transfer fee per contract.
*Please note that If the person you are transferring to is listed on the contract as a co-owner or beneficiary, the transfer fee if $175 per contract.

- If you are preparing official documents for your future such as a will, you can leave your ownership to anyone you’d like. In the event of your passing, the beneficiary need only contact the resort and provide us with a death certificate and documentation showing that they are the intended recipient of the timeshare. You can also add a beneficiary to your contract at the time of purchasing.

Can I make changes to my ownership?
We like to keep things as easy as possible when it comes to making changes to your ownership with us. We understand that things change and maybe the week you bought originally no longer suits your travel needs. If you are staying within the same season in the same unit-type, there is no additional cost to make changes to your ownership. As long as what you want is available in our resort inventory, you can simply pay our admin-fee of $175 and make the swap.

If you are making a change to a different unit-type or a different season, there may be a cost associated with the change in addition to our one-time $175 admin-fee. Please contact Alyssa in the sales office with your request and she will gladly assist you!

What is a resale week? How does it differ from buying directly from the resort?
A resale week simply means that the week is owned by someone and that they are selling it! It's the same ownership as buying a week directly from the resort, but resale weeks can be a great place to start your search if you're thinking about purchasing because the price is determined by the owner, and can sometimes be negotiable! If there is a week/unit combo you are interested in that you see on the list and you'd like to make an offer that is lower than the list price, simply contact Alyssa to let her know and she'll reach out to the owners with your offer!

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