Tips to prepare your travel

Essential things to pack in your luggage, and tips before arriving at La Vista.

Tips to prepare your travel cover

Most of us go through the internal dialogue of trying to decide what we should or shouldn’t bring on our vacations every time we travel, no matter how many times we’ve made the same trip. In order to help you lessen the load, we’ve made a list of some of our owners’ “must haves” when coming down and visiting La Vista and St. Maarten!

Portable charger

Devices running out of battery when you want to continue using navigation systems, looking up weather conditions and capturing precious memories on your trip can be a real bummer. Bringing a portable charger with you guarantees that you’ll be able to keep your devices charged and ready to go!

A beach bag

You’ll need a bag to hold all of your beach essentials – a towel, sunscreen, water, snacks, etc. – so we recommend bringing one with you to ensure you’ll be able to get to the beach as soon as possible once you arrive! Forgot to bring a beach bag? You can always buy one from local vendors at the beaches or at public markets, or you can always purchase one of our iconic La Vista tote bags for just $1 at the front desk! These are handy because they can double as a reusable shopping bag once you’re back home and they also make cute souvenir gifts to bring back for friends and family!

Sun protection


While you can of course buy sunscreen in various ranges of SPF here on St. Maarten, we still recommend bringing some with you just in case! Sun exposure in the Caribbean may be different to what you’re used to back home, so we recommend taking extra precautions when spending extended periods of time out in the sun – whether you’re lounging at the pool, soaking up the rays at the beach or spending the day out on the water on a boat. We also have locally-made sunscreen from the famous Nectar available at the front desk to purchase!


Whether it be a loose floppy hat or a fitted baseball cap, keeping the sun out of your face is important when walking around on the island or lounging out in the sun. The Caribbean rays can be pretty intense on any given day, so bringing a hat with you is a good way to ensure you’ll be protected. Not enough space to pack a hat? No worries, we’ve got you covered! You can purchase a La Vista baseball cap or sun visor at our front desk for $15, and they’re available in various colors!

A good pair of shoes

Are you into more active activities and are planning on checking out some of St. Maarten’s beautiful hiking trails? Make sure you bring a good pair of sneakers or boots! Many of the trails are only partially cleared which means there’s a chance some of the bush has not been maintained and you may stumble across some thorned-bushes or cactus plants. In order to protect your feet from any potential harm, we recommend a good pair of shoes to endure the terrain while you’re out adventuring! If you have no plans to do any kind of hiking and will likely spend most of your time at the beach or on a boat, feel free to leave the sneakers/boots at home in favor of your favorite pair of flip flops or sandals!

Light clothing

Wearing light and airy clothing will help you stay cool in the Caribbean sun! It can get pretty hot here on St. Maarten, and while we always suggest staying hydrated to stay cool, wearing lighter clothing also helps keep one cool in the Caribbean! Majority of places on St. Maarten are casual-dress friendly, so make sure you pack your comfy clothes and resort wear to stay cool and stylish while you’re on vacation!

Hopefully this has helped you narrow down your must-haves while packing! We can’t wait to welcome you to your home away from home at La Vista!

Published on April 20, 2021.
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